About JMR

JMR Services, LLC specializes in well plugging and abandonment with quality and well-maintained equipment operated by experienced and safe employees.

JMR was started in July 2015 by James (Jimmy) E. Roark and M. Lee Roark. Jimmy has over 36 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry holding multiple management positions and is currently Managing Member of Energy Sales, LLC a wholesale distribution company for oilfield products. Most recently he is Co-founder and partner in JMR Industries, LTD which was a surface rental company. JMR Industries was sold to Sunbelt Rentals in November 2012 where he became Director Oil & Gas Services for Sunbelt and has recently transferred into the role of Vice Chairman Oil & Gas Board.

Lee Roark has been plugging wells for over 23 years and has plugged wells in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Colorado, West Virginia and Michigan. Lee started with Enron Oil Gas Company (EOG) in 1994 and has developed and maintained good relationships with federal and state regulatory agencies and has extensive knowledge of rules and regulations. Lee’s broad experience of downhole knowledge and problem wells within various fields contributes to efficiency and cost reduction to customers.